Why should I participate in Fraternity life at Georgia Tech?


Being a Fraternity man at Georgia Tech is a great way to make the most of your college experience by meeting friends, growing as a person, and having a great time all the while. Greek men and women are by far the most influential group of people on Georgia Tech's Campus, producing each of the past 6 student body Presidents among numerous other leaders on campus. Having older Fraternity Brothers already connected into the groups and organizations on campus that you are interested in will help to make it much easier to get involved on campus. Similarly, having Fraternity Brothers who are older than you and share your major will provide you with an excellent resource when looking for pointers on homework or advice on professors and classes. Benefits of Fraternity life extend far beyond college, as well -- joining a Fraternity will instantly connect you with a massive alumni network nationwide that can assist you in finding a co-op, internship, or even your first job. Regardless of what your interests are, there is a fraternity at Georgia Tech that will fit you and benefit you as you journey through college and beyond.