How does rush work?


Rush is usually 4 days and takes place each night from 7pm-11pm at each Chapter, and where there will be free food and activities all throughout the week. The best way to go about Rush is to sample as many fraternities as possible on the first night or two. Once you have developed a good sense of what you are looking for and what chapters you fit in best with, narrow down your selection to a shorter list of fraternities. From there, take the time to meet as many of the Brothers of those chapters as possible, as this is the only way the Fraternity as a whole will get to know you.

If the chapter chooses you as someone they would like to have as a part of their organization, they will offer you an official "bid" to join. In the case that this happens, it is up to you to determine whether or not you wish to accept this bid. You can receive bids from any number of houses, in which case you will have to decide which chapter you would most like to join. While you will also have the option of not accepting a bid anywhere, it is highly recommended that you join a chapter should the opportunity present itself.