How can I participate in IFC?


The Interfraternity Council most certainly welcomes all contributions that would better the Georgia Tech Greek Community, and there are many ways that interested individuals can get involved. Interested Greek Men who seek to give back to their Greek Community and serve on the IFC will find that there are severals opportunities to do so. Involvement can range depending on one's committment and experience.

Committee Members:
IFC has many committee member positions, each with a specific endeavour (for instance, social committee members would assist in the chapter party planning process). These positions are an entry-level way to get exposed to how IFC opperates, and would report to their respective committee chairs who would serve as their mentor.

Committee Chairs:
The IFC Executive Board relies on the several Committee Chairs to oversee their respective tasks and contribute to the workings of IFC. These men focus on their overall tasks, and report directly to the Executive Board, participating in most major meetings. This is an opportunity to have a direct impact on the direction of IFC.

Executive Board Positions:
There are eight Executive positions on IFC, each of which represents a critical part of the body's operations. They convene at least once a week, and are responsible for reporting back to the IFC Presidents, and keeping the organization on track to serve the community.
Feel free to contact us. We appreciate your interest!