Apply to be a Committee Chair for IFC!

This application will close November 28th at 5pm.
Interviews will be held December 2-4, with selections being announced shortly thereafter.

Application can be found here:

The available positions are:
-Social Committee Chair
-Greek Excellence Committee Chair
-Greek Neighborhood Association Committee Chair
-Educational Programming Committee Chair
-Homecoming Committee Chair
-Philanthropy Committee Chair
-Finance Committee Chair
-Scholarship Committee Chair
-Technology Committee Chair
-Public Relations Committee Chair

Below are descriptions for each position:

Social Committee Chair

Social Committee Chair has a variety of responsibilities, ranging from promoting social interaction between chapters and other campus organizations to promote awareness and compliance of the IFC social policy by all member fraternities. Mainly, the Social Committee Chair must lead the social committee, help prepare “party packs” and answer questions regarding IFC policies, and finally communicate with IFC exec to ensure all parties follow IFC policy.

Greek Excellence Committee Chair

The Greek Excellence Chair has several jobs on IFC. This position requires close work with the Administrative Vice President to calculate Dean Dull and the Greek Advance Leadership Retreat. As well as these requirements, the Greek Excellence Committee Chair must also inform and encourage all chapters to pursue leadership development opportunities and awards.

Greek Neighborhood Association Committee Chair

The Greek Neighborhood Association Committee Chair works directly with the office of Greek Affairs as well as IFC exec to ensure all member fraternities maintain houses upholding the Greek Housing Standards. As well as this primary goal, they must also evaluate the GNA policy yearly, produce a best practices guide for house managers, as well as lead the Greek Recycling Program.

Educational Programming Committee Chair

The primary job of the Educational Programming Committee Chair is to work directly with the Vice President of Programming to plan and coordinate educational programming opportunities, both mandatory and optional, for all member fraternities. As well as this overall role, this Chair must plan an extensive alcohol and hazing training for new Greek members.

Homecoming Committee Chair

As suggested by the name, the Homecoming Committee Chair is responsible for representing IFC on all homecoming related committees and events. They must publicize and help coordinate all Homecoming events alongside SCPC. Finally, they must assist member fraternities in planning effective alumni relations activities during Homecoming.

Philanthropy Committee Chair

The role of the Philanthropy Committee Chair is primarily to plan, coordinate, and publicize IFC philanthropy/community service events for the betterment of the IFC council as well as all member fraternities. They must also collect and maintain records of Philanthropy for each individual chapter; this data will then be used for Dean Dull.

Finance Committee Chair

The Finance Committee Chair has several roles on IFC. Primarily, they must communicate directly with the Vice President of Finance to accomplish a variety of tasks including financial management of both IFC and individual chapters. They must also collect financial data for each fraternity and publish the results. Finally, they must assist in the preparation and implementation of the annual IFC scholarship.

Scholarship Committee Chair

The Scholarship Committee Chair has two main roles. First, they must ensure academic scholarship is upheld within the Greek community. This can be done through collecting data on individual chapter GPA’s, GPA improvements, reviewing individual chapter scholarship plans, and promote academic resources. Secondly, they must administer the annual IFC scholarship to Greek members who represent the core values of the Greek community.

Technology Committee Chair

The primary jobs of the Technology Chairman are to maintain and update the website and all technological resources of IFC, including the Rush Guidebook application. As well as this primary task, the Technology Chair also works closely with the Vice President of Communications to apply upgrades to the website and publish new content.

Public Relations Committee Chair

The primary role of the Public Relations Committee Chair is to plan and promote programming focusing on improving public relations both on IFC and within individual chapters. This may be done through Social Media as well as press releases or other publications.