IFC New Member Scholarship Application

2015 New Member Scholarship Application will be up shortly, check back soon to apply.
Last years information can be found below:


Georgia Tech IFC awards $8,000 dollars in scholarships each year. $7,000 dollars was awarded to 4 active members of a Georgia Tech IFC fraternity in the Spring of 2014. Selections were based on leadership, academic achievement, and campus involvement. The recipients exemplified excellence in all three categories.

New Member Scholarship:

Selections will be based on leadership, academic achievement, and involvement. This scholarship is only open to new members of any year in school who joined an IFC fraternity in the Fall of 2014. The top applicant that exemplifies exellence in all three of these categories will receive the $1000 scholarship.

Applications are due September 26th at 5:00pm. If selected for a follow up interview, the applicant will be notified shortly after.

Applications are closed.

************PLEASE READ***********

According to the Financial Aid Office, some students who are awarded this scholarship and have previous government funded scholarships could impact some of the money they are awarded by the government. The Financial Aid Office estimates about 2% of students fall into this category but they have said they will be happy to review and let us know if the applicant will be negatively affected by the scholarship.

Please direct any questions you have to the IFC Scholarship Chair, Conor Martin, cmartin72@gatech.edu.