UIFI: North-American Interfraternity Conference

About UIFI

A quick blurb from Kylie-

“The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute is a five day leadership experience that brings together fraternity men and sorority women from all across the country. At UIFI, you will enhance your leadership skills, meet tons of new people, and make a renewed commitment to living the values of your fraternity or sorority. After I attended UIFI as an undergraduate, I had the tools and ability to positively impact my chapter, council, and Greek community. If I had to pick one college experience that had the biggest impact on my life today, UIFI would hands down be the opportunity that made me a better leader and sorority woman. UIFI is amazing. It is fun, challenging, and such a great way to improve your Greek experience outside the boundaries of Georgia Tech. Not only will you talk about the positive aspects of fraternities and sororities (by swapping stories with people from different schools and chapters), but you will have important discussions about issues that could impact our future on college campuses. If anyone has any additional questions about UIFI, please feel free to let me know. I would recommend this experience for any chapter president or emerging leader in our community.”

A quick blurb from Sy Rashid, a Sig Ep that attended last year-

“When I applied to UIFI, I was hesitant to say the least. Every person I talked to absolutely raved about it, telling me they had made connections they still keep today, years after the fact, and what a wonderful experience the trip was. I still had a hard time believing that 5 days could do that much for people. And so as I packed my bags the night before UIFI started I figured no matter what happened I’d get some free food and a trip to IU. Little did I know that in 5 short days I would be transformed as a leader and come back to Tech a changed fraternity man. UIFI started off with a very simple request; be vulnerable. And as one or two people begin to buy into that philosophy, so did others, and by the end of the first day people were exposing themselves in ways only their very best friends had seen. UIFI breaks you down as a leader and helps you examine your strengths and weaknesses in a way that I had never done before. UIFI than equips you with the tools to make positive changes in not only yourself but your chapter and the greater community. And while I have walked away from the experience with all these wonderful skills that won’t necessarily be what I continue to remember. During your time at UIFI, when you’re not in sessions you spend time with Greek leaders from across the country, often times in lieu of sleep. I don’t think there was a single night where I went to bed before 2AM even though I knew we’d be starting at 7AM the next day. The people I had talked to about UIFI were right, the bonds formed are unimaginable, and are friendships I still cherish today.If you have any questions about the program or are on the fence about going, please contact me at sy.rashid.11@gmail.com.”

Applying For UIFI

IFC will be sponsoring 2 chapter presidents or IFC representatives to go to the Undergraduate Interfraternal Institute (UIFI) this year. The website is nicindy.org. The sponsorship includes registration fees and a travel stipend. If you are interested, please email me at martinconor22@gmail.com a half a page write up on:

1) What you hope to gain from your experience
2) How you could better your chapter as a whole from what you learn at UIFI
3) Why you should be chosen to go