Psi Upsilon

Chapter Designation: 
Gamma Tau
President's Name: 
Caitlin Bowles
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Psi Upsilon is a co-ed fraternity. We have females. They're still called brothers. Never a miscommunication. You can't explain that. It's true: Psi Upsilon is the only co-ed social fraternity on campus. It may seem a bit strange, but stop by and you'll soon discover that "normal" isn't a word used around here very often. Ever wondered who would win in a fight between Cthulhu and Beowulf? Ever made spreadsheets in order to better raise your Pokemans? Ever burst into song during Disney's Mulan? Ever try to replace your body parts with those of dinosaurs during a game of D&D? Ever wanted to pet a badger? I think five examples are enough; let's move on. One of the most commonly uttered phrases by the brothers here is "I never thought I'd join a fraternity," and if you stick around it won't take long for you figure out why. Psi Upsilon can be summed up by our rush motto: Individual standards, not standard individuals. For example, some of our brothers wear dresses...and not just the female ones. Some of our brothers play Magic: The Gathering and some of our brothers heckle them while they do it. Some of our brothers love to dance and some of our brothers stand awkwardly in corners. Some of our brothers are hardcore metal heads; some are hipsters—but only in an ironic sort of way. In our spare time, some of us tinker around with our wireless network while others battle it out with Foosball. Some of us throw pennies from the rooftops, some make ice cream with liquid nitrogen, some color all over our walls, and some adore playing with fire. We all enjoy different things, but at the end of the day, we all live under the same roof. Long story short, we're a pretty diverse group of people. Rush Psi Upsilon! You too might be worthy of joining our fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.