Phi Kappa Theta

Chapter Designation: 
Gamma Tau
President's Name: 
Bradley Argaur
Contact Email:
Phi Kappa Theta was originally formed as a Catholic fraternity with the merging of two different fraternities, Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi on April 29th, 1959. Phi Kappa Theta has since opened membership to any form of religion, but the fraternity strongly encourages each member to find their own spiritual grounds and live up to Christian ethics and belief in brotherhood and love. The Georgia Tech Gamma Tau chapter was established in 1969. The brothers of Phi Kappa Theta are encouraged to focus on the fraternity’s five pillars: spiritual, fraternal, intellectual, social, and leadership. Each member strives to develop a relationship transcending mere friendship with each other; brotherhood. Georgia Tech is a challenging school, and scholastic achievement is a top priority for each brother of Phi Kappa Theta. Therefore, each brother is stressed to work their hardest in all of his academic endeavors and assist others in their efforts. Because man is inherently a social creature, the brothers of Phi Kappa Theta are expected to live up to all social expectations befitting an exceptional Georgia Tech student, including building strong friendships and active participation in philanthropic events. Phi Kappa Theta provides an immense alumni network and various educational opportunities to improve member leadership abilities. These five pillars provide the strong foundation that makes each brother of Phi Kappa Theta a great man and a great asset to society.